Johnny’s birthday

Our firstborn turned seven at the beginning of Dec and we celebrated with some nerf gun battles and his friends. He’s able to read now and it’s been a different experience for him as he doesn’t care for birthday cakes. All together we are so grateful for our Johnny boy who is an incredibly kind…


Yesterday after church, our family was told that there was snow left over from an event at the local base so we headed over and jumped in for a few minutes! Pretty awesome!! It’s an answered prayer for our kids as they had waited to see snow again this winter so now we have. 😉…

God’s creation

The beauty of Okinawa is overwhelming everywhere. Some days we forget how much God has created for us to enjoy. Here’s some of our favorite photos from the last few weeks.


Owen has had the opportunity to play in like a mini soccer camp called Tiny Troops Soccer, which is normally on military bases but our school is able to offer it this semester. Here he is kicking and being a goalie. Owen is full of passion and one of his favorite things to do in…


The school that Linnea works at and the kids all attend is called Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI). It was created as a school for missionary kids to attend back in the 1950’s, but has since become a missional school for the larger Okinawan community. Many of the students come from non-Christian homes and come…


We took a weekend off in Nov- media free believe it or not- and went to another outlying island in the Okinawa chain of islands (there’s 160 islands total and 50 or so inhabited islands for those nerds out there). We took off on Friday afternoon and caught a ferry to the Tokashiki Island. Two…

MC – missional community

Our MC (what some would call small group), has truly become a family here. We are enjoying diving into each other’s lives and having the chance to feast literally on God’s Word and some amazing food weekly. Thankful to have this beautiful segment of God’s body to live on mission with in Oki.


Linnea turned 40 this month and was well celebrated by our church family and by our family around the world. Even had cake on three separate nights!


We were celebrating with five new brothers and sisters in baptism! Oh how we wish we could share all their stories. Some of them can be found on our church’s Instagram page -@pillarokinawa Johnny even got to help Jon with holding towels. That was a sweet moment.