The school that Linnea works at and the kids all attend is called Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI). It was created as a school for missionary kids to attend back in the 1950’s, but has since become a missional school for the larger Okinawan community. Many of the students come from non-Christian homes and come…


We took a weekend off in Nov- media free believe it or not- and went to another outlying island in the Okinawa chain of islands (there’s 160 islands total and 50 or so inhabited islands for those nerds out there). We took off on Friday afternoon and caught a ferry to the Tokashiki Island. Two…

MC – missional community

Our MC (what some would call small group), has truly become a family here. We are enjoying diving into each other’s lives and having the chance to feast literally on God’s Word and some amazing food weekly. Thankful to have this beautiful segment of God’s body to live on mission with in Oki.


Linnea turned 40 this month and was well celebrated by our church family and by our family around the world. Even had cake on three separate nights!


We were celebrating with five new brothers and sisters in baptism! Oh how we wish we could share all their stories. Some of them can be found on our church’s Instagram page -@pillarokinawa Johnny even got to help Jon with holding towels. That was a sweet moment.

Kindergarten life

I’m starting my 9th week of teaching tomorrow. It’s a little intimidating still to think that these kids really do expect me to know what I’m doing and have a lesson figured out, plus make it interesting, plus meet all the possible learning standards, plus be kind at all times while doing it. It’s still…


One day a salesperson told us that Japan is the land of paperwork. It’s true. On top of my visa (which had to be about 30 separate papers), this fall we need to renew Owen’s passport and my driver’s license. This requires more then just a simple stop by after work. Living in a country…

Monthly GTO

Having monthly GTO meetings gives us a chance to catch up with our friends! In Sept Linnea and her friend Patti had breakfast on the seawall. Also, they made it Instagram worthy 😉