Summer fun

Our kiddos had the chance to do lots of American things that made their hearts happy! Thankful for those experiences for their sakes. Also, they missed Okinawa, even while enjoying Americana! Third culture life isn’t easy! But it is really sweet!

summer churches

Our summer church experience was such a blessing to our hearts. As many of you know in ministry taking a break from regular routine and not serving in a formal role is a natural break. but it was also a blessing to be able to worship with each of our families at either their churches…

Easter 2021

Easter was a sweet celebration of Christ’s resurrection and our Father’s gift of free salvation. We really rejoiced with our people and met many new people. Also, Linnea’s doppelganger and another sweet friend at church were able to take a quick shot, too.

Fun days

In the midst of all the fun this spring, we have had some fun days as a family. Our kids have grown to love whipped cream as the above picture shows! Also pictured above is Jon enjoying some amazing food on an awesome leather couch at our friends home. On mother’s day, Jon planned a…

Five years – 2016-2021

Five years. By the grace of God, this Pillar church has been in existence for five years. The first group of about 20 people has mostly disappeared with PCS cycles but we had the joy of taking a picture with 7 families who remained from that first year. And our Pillar Okinawa family celebrated in…


Meet Billy – our new hamster! He has joined our family at the ripe old age of 1 years old! Yes, we have already chatted about hamsters short lives. Thankfully the kids have absorbed most of the work and are loving having a cute little buddy to talk to daily.

Date nights

Recently, Jon and I went out on a couple of dates. Dates aren’t the cure for our marital woes and we don’t pretend that everything goes amazing every time. But they are small steps of consistency that build more good days and more good opportunities to be alone as parents.

Family Celebration

Twice a year our church likes to celebrate together. If covid was not a thing, there would be more of a update/meeting style to these gatherings but like so much of this world, everything is different. What wasn’t changed was the servant hearts of our people as they served tables, and cleaned and loved on…

Christmas concerts

Our kiddos had their Christmas concerts at school – masks and all. The school worked hard to make their concerts safe and only allowed parents into the gym. The kids sang well and enjoyed the time. ‘Twas a great ending to the long semester!

Family Celebration

The last weekend in November, we had the chance to host our first whole church gathering in a year! Instead of member’s meetings, Pillar Okinawa has hosted a family celebration twice a year. Sadly, the one usually held in May was canceled due to Covid. The elders decided to host a celebration service still this…