Every day here in Oki isn’t filled with beach trips and sunshine. 99% of the time we are plugging away at our jobs/ministries. Here’s Linnea in her element as a kinder teacher. And below is Jon doing what he loves best as a pastor which is helping others learn more about Christ.

Missional Community

We have appreciated our MC so much this year. What a blessing it is to gather together, stand in the hard days and encourage one another. True to form in a military swirling world we have already said goodbye to one single and a family and it’s still Oct. We have welcomed two new families…

Rest days

Every few months, Linnea will take a 24 (or shorter) break from everything and spend the night away. It’s always a little chaotic getting away but it’s good for her soul. She’s glad when she has that mental break and as an introvert the silence is deafening and healing. Here’s a picture from one of…

Apologetic Class

Recently our church appointed a deacon of apologetics. Among other things he has been working to teach apologetics to our church family through various means. Jon introduced him the other day at this particular class. Really solid stuff even though all the questions that come up aren’t easy ones.

Building renovations

Our kids building was renovated from the middle of March till the beginning of June. It was delayed quite a bit by the 40+ days of rain (the Ark was not in sight). The contractors scraped all the paint off the outside of the building, repainted it and then finished off the rooftop. Below is…


This summer, our family was enjoying every beach day possible, meet with all the friends we could, and made a trip to the mainland of Japan (2 1/2 hours away by plane) to see Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka. It was a fairly epic trip, complete with a very sketchy hotel experience.

Assessment time

The Simburger assessment was a treat for our church family. Lots of support from our church with childcare, audio/video, food, etc. .. just a good opportunity to come alongside our friends and to celebrate what God is doing in their lives.

Easter Sunday

Some shots from our friend, Ben on Easter Sunday. Our family, Jon in the first and second service and the parking lot where the food trucks were parked. So thankful we could hold this celebration feast and enjoy the time as a church family.

Ladies worship night

Our ladies at Pillar Oki were finally able to host a worship night that had been planned for two years. Due to Covid, it was of course postponed and with the recent restrictions it was an uncertainty! But it went together and a good portion of the ladies came. Linnea was able to sing a…