Christmas concerts

Our kiddos had their Christmas concerts at school – masks and all. The school worked hard to make their concerts safe and only allowed parents into the gym. The kids sang well and enjoyed the time. ‘Twas a great ending to the long semester!

Family Celebration

The last weekend in November, we had the chance to host our first whole church gathering in a year! Instead of member’s meetings, Pillar Okinawa has hosted a family celebration twice a year. Sadly, the one usually held in May was canceled due to Covid. The elders decided to host a celebration service still this…

Christmas party

We had fun this year hosting a Christmas party for elder/staff families here at Pillar Oki. Lots of good times especially with the trivia game. The kids game was really awesome as well! Our good friend, Misty, put it together and the kids were practically tearing the ball apart. Really thankful for the families that…

Jan 2021 Newsletter

Dear Partners, Six months seems like a good time to churn out a new newsletter! Like many of you, our daily lives are governed by government desires, restrictions, and various public opinions. Currently, Okinawa is holding steady and hasn’t gotten any worse with our infection numbers. Japan itself has just shut down their borders again…

First Pillar Wedding!

Our friends were married!! The Booths tied the knot in Oct and it was a joy to witness their celebration. The actual ceremony was on the beach and was beautiful! We had fun doing the rehearsal the night before at the church building. 🙂 Can’t believe they are married!!

Emma’s baptism

Beautiful day full of celebration with many of our friends here!

2020 goodbyes

This year has been full of goodbyes, but because of Covid, they have been stretched out a really long time! Here are some of the roughly 30 families/individuals we said goodbye to. Most are from our church and a couple of friends/neighbors from outside the church. We are grateful to still call them all friends…

Starting school

Our kids started school the last week of August and have really enjoyed it. Johnny is a natural Kindergarten student and loves every aspect of school. Including the singing which we thought wasn’t possible! Emma has enjoyed joining her old friends again and learning from another great teacher at OCSI. Owen, our three year old,…

30 days

When we moved to our new village, we decided to spend thirty days exploring our new area. Linnea had read a book called Love where you live, by Shuna Pilgreen and we decided to implement some of the suggestions in her book. The author’s premise is that we are a sent people and God has…

Pillar Oki

Pillar Okinawa has recently gone down to one service from two because of the current restrictions to the majority of our military family members. Right now, most Marines are restricted to bases unless they have an exception.  So to minimize the impact on those who serve, the elders chose to reduce the services to one….