Ministry life

Like many of you in full time ministry, our weekly lives vary greatly. Sometimes there are planned meetings or get togethers, sometimes the week seems open and unplanned for about five minutes before it fills up.

Our family has recently begun taking bi-monthly sabbaths which is difficult in ministry, but necessary. We take a Friday night through Sat around dinner time and just rest as much as possible. That rest looks different every time but usually we encourage each other to disconnect from texts, emails, socials, etc… and just do some things that are intentionally life giving.

Since our house is small and our children are as well, that’s not an ideal situation with lounging around with a journal. Usually it looks like being intentional to enjoy time with our kids alone or spending some time alone (which Owen hates with a passion).

It’s provided opportunities for our souls to remember the goodness of God and to intentionally show our children that we don’t worship at the feet of busyness.

But it is hard work to continue the practice so if you are reading this, please pray for our family to rest well and enjoy God’s goodness on these Sabbath days.

These candles are good reminders that God is the One, our Light, that we need to sustain us daily but also when we are resting.

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