Year in Review

Nov – Dec

Nov – Linnea celebrated her 40th birthday, much to the shock of everyone who assumed she is much younger. Jon and Linnea had the chance to get away for an overnight for her birthday also. Thanks, friends!

Thanksgiving was spent with our sweet MC and we ate everything traditional except for turkey! It was still lots of fun and restful.

Dec – Our family wrapped up the school semester and then celebrated Christmas with lots of loving friends. It was a celebratory month! The elders and staff families all got together for a fun Christmas party and Jon celebrated the wrap-up of the GTO year with the GTO board.

Johnny had his 7th birthday, got out of school early and went to the castle with Jon. He was all smiles.

We were also given some fun new kitchen/grill items by friends – an Instapot for my birthday by our MC and a smoker from sweet friends for Christmas. Both have already been used and much enjoyed. Thank you!

Our family had a week long vacation and worked hard to disconnect and to rest. Both are hard to do but it was well worth the effort. We came back ready to work but also tired from the vacation. And very thankful for the time away.

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