Year in Review

Sept- Oct

Sept – saw the beginning of Linnea’s new career in teaching and the kids returning to school. We also continued growing our small garden and investing in the lives of new people on the island.

We also hit up our local taco place again!

Emma and Jon revised their podcast – Okidoki – for a third season! They finished the podcast for good on New Year’s Eve having both enjoyed their time celebrating the beauty of Okinawa and encouraging kids to want to move to the island and not be afraid. You can find their podcast on Apple and Podbean.

Oct – Jon and Linnea snunk away for a bit and enjoyed the Okinawan beach.

Jon carved our pumpkin shortly after we bought it and we immediately lit it, because in Okinawa you have a day before the pumpkin molds after cutting it.

The picture of our church family is during one of our family feast days as a church family. We have the joy of renting a local food truck and hosting a parking lot party every few months. It is a lot of fun!

We also had the blessing all year of getting to know our GTO friends, Patti and Ruito. They traveled down monthly to teach at the GTO gatherings and to minister to the families who gather for GTO. We also saw a good deal of Okinawa with them while they were in town and loved all of that fun. One of those days was biking in the trees of Nago – Linnea’s favorite touristy thing to do in Okinawa.

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