Year in Review

May- June

May – We said goodbye to more friends and more friends and more friends. We didn’t get as many pictures this year but trust us when we say it was a painful month. We are still missing all y’all.

We also had the joy of every month uniting with our friends and celebrating GTO. Most months it was a small crowd because of Covid, but that gave us lots of chances to connect and we were glad.

Johnny and Linnea went on a fun kayak ride in the jungle of Oki while Emma was at a birthday party in a park nearby.

Jon took the boys hiking one Sat in our local area.

The sunset picture is our Missional Community having a dinner on the rooftop of the church building. Although it’s not finished off yet, the roof top is still fun to look over the edge and have some cool outdoor space.

Jon preaching at Pillar Oki – doing what he loves best – telling people about Jesus and the beauty of the gospel.

More beach pictures and a view from the school that we spend a majority of our days at during the school year.

June – Johnny and Emma both graduated but because of Covid, parents weren’t allowed in the room, so this is our best shot of our adorable Kindergartener posing for the yearbook.

Jon discovered heaven on earth when he found a Maple Ice Cream bar at the local Family Mart as we said goodbye to more beloved friends. As some items are seasonal, he will begin scouring the stores for more ice cream come summer.

In June, we said goodbye to our family – John and Satomi Booth, along with many, more close friends and family who are not pictured here. We truly, truly mean that we mourn when our friends and family leave as its a painful loss and does not heal quickly. We are thankful for all the times we got to spend with each of them and look forward to the days when we can see each other again.

Also in June, we were able to begin our journey back to the states. Thankful for the chance to be at the Pretorian project retreat in Maryland to see old friends and partners in the ministry. Then we hit the road to go see our family in KY.

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