Year in Review

March- April

March – We finally got a furry pet – hamster. He has given the kids much enjoyment and continues to remain alive which our kids are excited to see happen. Jon and Linnea are also excited that they are excited. 🙂

Monsoon style rain overwhelmed our backyard and created a fun swimming space for the kids.

April – We had the joy of being at Okuma with many of our church family, celebrating Owen at his preschool spring concert, and of course trying out whipped cream the old-fashioned way.

We celebrated five years with our Pillar Okinawa family and took a picture with the families who had been there five years ago! Since they are all our close family, we are really glad we could take the shot.

Also we had the joy of celebrating Christ’s resurrection with our church family. Thankful for any chance to do that!

Jon worked his other job as a Navy Chaplain for a solid month in April, fulfilling his commitment to them for several months. He also found a dead snake on the road which we are very grateful for. Habu snakes are poisonous and we look for them everywhere but thankfully have never seen them alive outside of the zoo.

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