Five years – 2016-2021

Five years. By the grace of God, this Pillar church has been in existence for five years. The first group of about 20 people has mostly disappeared with PCS cycles but we had the joy of taking a picture with 7 families who remained from that first year.

And our Pillar Okinawa family celebrated in a very covid friendly way by merely acknowledging the day and taking masked pictures. At the time we couldn’t even share a cake due to restrictions on the military eating off base, etc.. (ask us sometime and we will share the saga!) This is from the 9 am service.

Please pray for our friend, Chikako, pictured below. She has been a part of our childcare team at Pillar since the church started in 2016 . Through the ministry of our friends, the Simburgers (Melissa is also pictured below), and many others, our friend has heard the gospel in multiple ways and in multiple settings. But she is steadfast in her heart that its not the choice for her. Typically for a Japanese person it takes 5 years from the moment they first hear the gospel till they repent. Can you pray for her to know the one true God and proclaim Him to her people?

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