Pillar Oki

Pillar Okinawa has recently gone down to one service from two because of the current restrictions to the majority of our military family members. Right now, most Marines are restricted to bases unless they have an exception.  So to minimize the impact on those who serve, the elders chose to reduce the services to one. Those who can not come are able to listen to the service/sermon immediately following the worship service – via our sermon links on the church website.

Our Missional communities are mostly via zoom again because most can’t meet in large groups. Thankfully a handful of groups can meet in person or at least a portion of the group can meet.  Our church family is really growing in their ability to connect in a multitude of ways in this challenging season, which is a praise.

Please continue to pray for our church that we would seek to remain connected first to our heavenly Father and then to one another, seeking to meet whatever needs come up, and reaching out to those in our communities who are also in need now.

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