Anniversary trip

On July 31, Jon and I were able to spend a night away at a local hotel to celebrate our sixteenth wedding anniversary. We don’t take this celebration lightly.  For those who have been praying for us for the last few years, you know that any good in our marriage is a gift from God and He is to be praised. We really enjoyed the time to enjoy the local Okinawan culture and even got to try a local onsen (you should really go look that up). 🙂

How is our marriage? We are taking it one day at a time. We are enjoying the relationship we have. We are still meeting with our counselors online, seeking the help of our fellow brothers and sisters to continue praying, working on our own personal issues with the power of the Holy Spirit, and continuing to do the things we know are right and trusting God with the results. We still have work to do. There are still hard moments. But God is working. We are very grateful.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. For your continued petitions before God for us. We really appreciate it and do not take it lightly.

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