30 days

When we moved to our new village, we decided to spend thirty days exploring our new area. Linnea had read a book called Love where you live, by Shuna Pilgreen and we decided to implement some of the suggestions in her book. The author’s premise is that we are a sent people and God has designed for us to be in this place at this time and to reach the people in this place for Him. So in order to understand where we live, we needed to explore our area.
so we made a list of 30 things to try or see in thirty days. We did almost everything! Sadly, all town events have been canceled because of the virus. But the food here is amazing!


  • Toya fishing port
  • Yakuniku
  • Introduce ourselves to our immediate neighbors
  • Get real mail
  • Buses
  • New cellphone company
  • Takeout place by the Tori farm gate
  • Invite someone over. Someone different
  • Attend a city sponsored event
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset
  • Learn a bit of history
  • Surprise the person in line behind you
  • Go for a date night
  • Cheer a team in town
  • Zoo
  • Yomitan cultural center
  • Go for a hike
  • Library
  • Weaving center by Yomitan town
  • Lake
  • Walking tour of neighborhood
  • See how many other close parks there are
  • Buy local
  • Swim school
  • Check out local restaurants
  • Get inside of local businesses close by
  • Onan city
  • Tori pool
  • Champion taco
  • Visit local grocery store

    and a link to the book website if you are curious and want to make your own list!

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  1. Laura Fotusky says:

    May God bless and encourage you, as you adapt to your new home. May His presence be experienced and may fruit be born in your home and community. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making.


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