Acts 29 Japan

Jon and I had the chance to join an Acts29 Japan meeting in Tokyo with our fellow Acts29 Japan members. The goal of the meeting was for the beginning of a collaboration between Acts 29 Australia/New Zealand and Acts 29 Japan, so that Australia can help Japan’s church planters begin a network here. Acts29 exists to help plant more churches, so the goal of the network is to begin making that possible for our churches to start accessing new church planters here.

We enjoyed that time,

and the chance to hear from other church planters on the nature of church planting here in Japan.


Jon and I were able to enjoy the night alone without our kids and I had fun exploring the Fuchu area with my friend, Yisel. It was an fun trip!

Jon went on with a couple of the church planters to present about the Acts 29 network at the Church Planting Institute in Nagoya and he got the cool experience of riding the bullet train for the first time.

The next step is for the translation of all the Acts 29 materialsĀ  into Japanese, a task that Jon and others have been working on for the last few months. Once that’s finished, the assessment process can begin for Japanese church planters.

Looking forward to how God uses these partnerships for the good of Japan.



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