Pillar Oceanside Mission Team

2018-05-24 14.10.34

These smiling faces above came ready and willing to serve in a multitude of ways at our church here! They came and jumped in and connected with the families here, serving as childcare workers for at least four separate occasions with retreats, a marriage seminar, and one of the worship services. One of them preached giving Jon a rest as well, and they ministered to the souls of our family through a multitude of ways! They came determined to bless us in every way possible and they did.

Below are some of the notes that Pillar Oceanside sent along with the team. They made us cry. Good job, guys. We miss you all over there in sunny CA. Thanks for the gifts for the kids too! Johnny loves his blue marker box.

2018-05-24 12.39.37

2018-05-24 13.49.04


the Ransoms