Girls Day

In Japan, a popular holiday is celebrated on March 3 – Girl’s Day, Doll Day or Hinamatsuri!

This special day is marked by putting out the family or business’ collection of dolls as seen in this picture.  We saw these at the local Toys r us (yes, we have them here too!), and will not be adding them to Emma’s dolls. 🙂 They ranged in price from roughly $500 to $2,000 per doll.



There can be several tiers of dolls, depending on one’s financial status and the number of  dolls passed down. Its quite an elaborate tradition. More info can be found via this link. If the dolls are left up the day after Girl’s Day, the daughter would be cursed to marry late in life.

Addtiionally, to the dolls, the family celebrates their daughters by eating special pink food and snacks. We really enjoyed seeing all the fun food out for the occasion.

Emma has her own doll stickers which she found for roughly $1 at a local store.