Okinawa is a land rich in so many, many ways. There are farms and orchards all over the island. So we have enjoyed our share of fresh fruit and vegetables island style! Apparently there is an entire island (which we haven’t seen yet), that has amazing soil for growing larger then normal carrots. Okinawa has a lot of carrots!

What does not abound are berries…strawberries, blueberries, raspberries….so one of the biggest adjustments for us (especially Johnny) coming from the rich abundance of California is the loss of those deletable fruits. The other day, a friend was coming over for lunch, so we chose to get some strawberries. This time of year is when strawberries are in abundance for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. So its much cheaper.

That price is roughly $6 for those 15 strawberries. They were gone within minutes. IMG_1089


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