New Building


Rejoice with us for this amazing place, literally next to our current place!

A couple of months ago, we noticed that the liquor store (first floor of the building to the right) next to our current building was empty. The store had moved out and the owner was interested in renting it.

Interestingly enough, it became a hotly contested place as a dance studio, barber shop and a couple of other businesses wanted it at the same time! Many people prayed that God would allow the owner to take our offer, which was significantly lower then the other offers. (Also, our sweet friend had been praying long before we even knew that the liquor store would be gone and we would be able to use that store for the church!)

So the offer was accepted!! The owner preferred the church because he didn’t want all the other businesses constant parking/mess/craziness. So because we would rent and use it primarily on the weekends it was more in his favor.

The church now rents both the original building (China Pete’s) and this new location which also includes first come first serve parking in the front of the store. We are planning on moving the auditorium over as soon as the renovations are done, which will be soon! the new location will hold roughly 160 chairs, as opposed to our current 100 chairs which are very full most Sundays!

Praising God for this gift! Keep tuned for more pictures of upcoming celebrations!