Monthly GTO

Having monthly GTO meetings gives us a chance to catch up with our friends! In Sept Linnea and her friend Patti had breakfast on the seawall. Also, they made it Instagram worthy 😉


Our Missional Community started back up this month. We have had the joy of seeing new faces and enjoying a good deal of those were there in the spring. The kids love being back in our friends home after the restrictions for meeting in groups less then 10 was lifted. Here we are at our…

Kindergarten class

These past five weeks of classes have been a whirlwind of setting up a class in the moment. It has also been a lot of fun! Great opportunities to share the gospel with lots of kids who haven’t heard about Jesus.


Daily life here is still very much affected by the Covid virus. We are in our sixth or seventh (I have lost count), state of emergency since last April. This current one lasts until the end of Sept at least but the government has already extended it twice. It’s truly a fear based world right…


Friends, this festival which happens yearly is similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead in that people call their ancestors in to celebrate for two days and then send them back out. here’s a blurb from Wikipedia about it. Pray for Japan as the vast majority of people celebrate this holiday. Pray for the…


Because our kids haven’t grown up in America they don’t have the chance to learn a lot of American history firsthand or be bored to tears while being forced to see historical things. So every chance we can, that’s exactly what we do. 🙂 this summer, the kids were able to see some history in…

Fresh fruit

Every person we visited asked what American things we missed and along with pizza and wings, we said, “Fruit!” And we marveled at all the fruit (and corn) we were able to eat and see this summer! Twas a blessing.

Summer fun

Our kiddos had the chance to do lots of American things that made their hearts happy! Thankful for those experiences for their sakes. Also, they missed Okinawa, even while enjoying Americana! Third culture life isn’t easy! But it is really sweet!

summer churches

Our summer church experience was such a blessing to our hearts. As many of you know in ministry taking a break from regular routine and not serving in a formal role is a natural break. but it was also a blessing to be able to worship with each of our families at either their churches…